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2018 SDPHA Executive Board Election Nominations

Shelby Hintze Jepperson  | Published on 5/31/2018

2018 SDPHA Executive Board Elections


The following positions will be open

President (2018-2020)
Secretary (2018-2020)
APHA Affiliate Representative (2018-2020)
Member at-Large(2018-2020)

Nomination's will be open June 19th to July 3rd, open to current members.
Elections will be conducted electronically, July 6th to July 13th, open to current members.
Winners will be announced July 16th.

Officer Terms of Office, Elections, and Vacancies

Officers are elected by the membership and serve two year terms. 
Officer terms will be staggered with the President and Secretary elected in even years and the Vice president and Treasurer elected in odd years.
No officer may serve more than two terms in the same position.
Officers are elected by the general membership from a slate developed by the Membership Committee.
Elections may be conducted electronically.  

President: (2018-2020)

Establishes the meeting agenda and presides at all Executive Board and general membership meetings.
Calls meetings of the officers or Executive Board as needed.
Oversees SDPHA affairs, including appointments to committees and submission of reports required of APHA affiliate organizations.
Serves as ex officio member of all SDPHA standing committees.

Secretary: (2018-2020)

Issues all meeting notices.
Ensures resolutions and meeting minutes are recorded and distributed to respective audiences in a timely manner.
Performs duties pertaining to secretarial functions including maintaining of records and managing SDPHA correspondence. Assumes responsibility for official SDPHA records and correspondence.
Maintains a current Executive Board roster and membership roll.
Presides at meetings if assigned in the absence of the President and Vice President.

APHA Affiliate Representative: (2018-2020)

Serves a term of two years, elected in even years.
Completes the APHA annual assessments and reports.
Maintains relations and correspondence with the APHA.

Member-at-Large: (2018-2020)

Serves a term of two years; one elected in even and one elected in odd years.
Represents the viewpoints and interests of all members.

If you are interested in serving the organization

in one of these positions,

please email Shelby Hintze Jepperson


no later than 5 p.m. CST on Tuesday July 3rd

indicating your intent and include a short biography.