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2019 South Dakota Public Health Association Executive Board Vacancies

Shelby Hintze Jepperson  | Published on 4/22/2019

2019 South Dakota Public Health Association Executive Board Vacancies


Please consider joining the SDPHA board.


Officers are elected by the membership and serve two-year terms.


The following SDPHA board vacancies will be open June of 2019.


Vice President:

  • Assumes the role of the President in the President’s absence at meetings.

  • Assumes the office of the President if a vacancy is declared.

  • Assumes other duties as assigned by the President or Executive Board.



  • Oversees development of an annual SDPHA budget.

  • Keeps accurate and complete financial records of SDPHA, including records of revenue and expenditures.

  • Maintains custody of SDPHA corporate funds, securities, and assets.

  • Deposits and withdraws monies in SDPHA financial institution accounts as directed and authorized by the Executive Board.

  • Assures a system for invoicing and collection of funds owed to SDPHA, including membership dues.

  • Reports financial standing to the Executive Board and general membership in a timely fashion.

  • Presides at meetings if assigned in the absence of the President and Vice President.



  • Represents the viewpoints and interests of all members.


If you are interested in being considered for one of the open vacancies, email your name and a short biography (include your name, pertinent academic and professional history, interests in public health) to by 5:00pm CST May 31 2019.


  • Nominations will be open until May 31

  • Elections will be conducted electronically June 3 to June 14, open to current members

  • Winners will be announced June 25 at the conference and via an email