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The South Dakota Public Health Association is the only trade association in South Dakota for public health professionals, students, and allies and has long been an outspoken voice on issues affecting the health of South Dakotans.



Our mission is to promote and protect the health of individuals, families and the communities.

This is accomplished through 4 major activities:

 - Influencing educational opportunities for  public health and health-related occupations.

 - Increasing community awareness of public health concerns.

 - Initiating and supporting needed legislative action on specific health concerns.

 - Stimulating the organization, financing, coordination and delivery of health services to all South Dakotans.

SDPHA has supported mandatory seat belt usage, restricting smoking in public places, prohibiting the sale of tobbaco to minors and age appropriate immunizations of children.

In South Dakota, public health services aren’t as widespread as they are in more populated states. That’s why it’s important to join together and share resources so we can improve the overall health of our state.

As the face of public health continues to change, you can count on the South Dakota Public Health Association (SDPHA) to be your voice through awareness, prevention and wellness initiatives designed to reduce healthcare costs statewide.