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Simple facts on Ebola

 | Published on 10/29/2014
When facing a threat like Ebola, it is critical to make decisions based on facts, not fear. However, lately the public is seeing ill-advised quarantine decisions and a discourse that strays from the science-based response proven to be effective.

APHA's Get Ready campaign has produced an Ebola fact sheet to help the public easily understand the risks of Ebola and how to stay safe. Help us get the facts out. Please share this with your family, friends and community.  

APHA will continue speaking out in a variety of ways to keep the focus on a consistent and evidence-based response to Ebola. You can see some of my recent contributions to the public discussion on APHA's Public Health Newswire. We also have a late-breaking session on Ebola at our Annual Meeting next month to discuss the latest progress. 

Together, we can help guide an effective response to Ebola in the U.S. and in West Africa. Thank you for everything you do to keep the public healthy.


Georges C. Benjamin, MD
APHA Executive Director